Achilles Tendonitis - Causes and Treatment

It's fall, which means XC and running are in the air and many of our young athletes are excited for longer, cooler runs. With extra mileage, however, comes additional potential for overuse injuries if athletes don't listen to their bodies.

Calf and Achilles tightness is something we often see in young athletes - oftentimes it's a brief phase that we can leave behind with some targeted stretching and rest, but if ignored it can develop into worse problems. Below is a basic introduction (originally shared by our awesome sponsor Reagan ChiroSport) to some of the causes and treatments for the condition - it will also give some insight into why we instruct our athletes in the run form that we do!

"How to Beat Achilles Tendonitis"

 Remember - if your child ever talks to you about calf tightness/soreness, pain in the back of the ankle, or heel pain, always make sure to discuss it with their coach. The longer an athlete waits to address the situation, the longer recovery will likely take.

Have a great first day of October!

Coach Morgan