Hydration - It's Not Just for Summer!

Parents, I know we're all excited that the cooler temps have finally arrived - kids have more energy at practices, and are excited to get outdoors again. However, along with cooler temps comes the potential to neglect hydration, which gets lots of attention in the summer when kids are aware of their thirst, but less in the fall and winter when kids don't "feel" thirsty as often.

Make sure your young athlete stays hydrated for health and performance this off-season, and check out the following article on the importance of year-round hydration:

Dehydration in Sports: A Year-Round Concern

For more resources on hydration for youth athletes, check out the Moms Team Sports Hydration page, and ask your coach for suggestions on what kind of fluids they want your child bringing to practice.

Want something other than traditional sports drinks to replace fluids and electrolytes? Try options like Skratch and Nuun with zero dyes and less sugar, available at the Playtri Stores.

Have a great Saturday, and remember to stay hydrated!

Coach Morgan