Recommended Replacement ~ Bike Equipment

Training your body to stay in tip-top shape is only half the work!  Be sure your equipment is performing for you too.  

Here is a guide for how often you should update your cycling equipment to ensure safety and quality performance.

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Meet James

Our in-house bike guru and race team member gives his recommendations on how often to replace your bike gear & equipment

Bicycle Equipment replacement guide:

Cycling shorts - Once a season

Cycling helmet - Every 5 years (from date of manufacture)

Cycling gloves - Every 18 months

Cycling jersey - Every 18 months

Cycling eyewear - Every 2 years

Cycling socks - Once a season

Cycling shoes - Every 2-3 years


Bicycle parts replacement guide:

Cables and Housing - Once a season

Chain - Twice a season

Cassette - Once a season

Chain Rings - Every 2-3 years

Tires - Once to twice a season (depends on riding conditions)

Handlebar tape - Once a season

Shifter hoods - Every 2 years

Pedals - Every 3 years

Saddle - Every 1-3 years

Shifters - Every 3-5 years

Tubes - As needed

Carbon wheels - Every 3-4 years

Aluminum wheels - Every 3-4 years


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James Kennedy
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