Train with a Group at PLAYTRI

It is simple, group workouts are fun and motivating. 

The goals in every PLAYTRI group workout are simple. 

As coaches, we strive to:

1- teach the athlete something new and implement the knowledge in each workout

2- push limits that are appropriately designed around their strengths and weaknesses

3- make new friends and have a great time!

But don't take our word for it, check out what some of the athletes are saying about PLAYTRI's Weekly Group Workouts:

"I look forward to meeting up with a group to train, it makes it much more enjoyable."- Tish R.
"Accountability, and there is always a friend there who is going to push you harder than trying to do the same run alone. Sweating together is always more fun than training by yourself.
group ride ptcy.jpg

Or real reason- you will get texts from everyone asking where you were!" - Lauren S.

"Not all group workouts are created equally... yours are the best...I'm not really into group workouts - everybody doesn't have the same fitness level or speed...your workouts cater to all levels and speeds...I feel I can challenge myself by trying to keep up with speedier athletes, or I can stay in my own level and steadily improve...reading a W workout isn't the same as you explaining an interval with appropriate make them fun and appropriately stressful at the right moments." - Michael D.
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"It pushes me past my ability alone. It makes hard stuff fun."- Stephanie B.


"With almost all skill and experience levels represented at group workouts, it’s very easy to pair up with others around your ability.  I find this group collaboration to be a key to dig deep and give the workout all you have.  It brings home the social aspect of the sport.  We are also coached on by the best and most experienced triathletes in the industry.  I have finished each of my group workouts thinking - that was a great workout; I’m looking forward to the next one."- Paul S.

Come join one of the many Playtri Weekly Group Workouts... Don't miss the opportunities to learn, push limits, and have fun in the sun.

New training sessions starting soon at PLAYTRI store locations:

We look forward to seeing and working with you!