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Playtri's Pre-Season Camp has just what you need to get a jump start on your 2019 training & racing fitness and goals!

2.5 days of HIGH energy swim-bike-run training, education, & motivation to take your 2019 triathlon season to the next level. 
Expect ~14 hours of training, ~ 5hrs of seminars, & numerous beads of sweat shared with ALL levels of coach and/or athletes alike. 

Price: until Jan 15th only $299! Sign up early and save!

Price after Jan 15th $349


Online registration

IN STORE REGISTRATION - call Playtri Dallas #214-370-9010

How This Camp Can Help You

  • Motivate you for your upcoming triathlon season

  • Lay a strong foundation for endurance training

  • Teach you race nutrition and racing strategies for triathlons of all distances

Athlete Fitness

This camp is designed to meet the needs of the beginner to the experienced triathlete.

Camp Support

Support and gear (SAG) will be provided on the swim, bike, and run courses.

Refund Policy

No Refunds or Transfers

USAT Membership

The camp will be USAT sanctioned. You must be a USAT annual member or purchase a one day membership to participate in the camp. A one day membership can be purchased at the athlete check-in.

Tentative Schedule


5pm Check In

5:30pm Dynamic Warm Up and Mobility

6:00pm Bike Session #1: Vo2 Specific

7:30pm Education & Evening Close Out


7am Swim Session #1: Strength & Speed

9:30am Triathlon Specific Swim & Bike Weights

10:30am Brick Bike Session #2: Cadence Control 

12 Lunch & Education

1:30pm Bike Session #3: Skill & Drill

3pm Brick Run Session #1: Vo2 Specific

4pm Education & Evening Close Out


7am Swim Session #2: Open Water Skill & Drill

9:30am Triathlon Specific Bike to Run Weights

10:30am Brick Run Session #2: Drills & Technique

11:30am Lunch & Education 

1pm Bike Session #4: Climbing 

2:30pm Brick Run Session #3: Pacing and Race Response

3:30pm Education & Camp Close Out

Camp Sponsors