Get Your Triathlon Club Sponsored! 

At Playtri, we want to foster healthy athletes and healthy lifestyles. We take great pride in our clubs and hope to sponsor yours! Although we do not accept every club, we appreciate you applying. Playtri Triathlon Club Sponsorship applications are accepted throughout the year. 

The Goodies:

  • Club owner or Head coach receives 30% OFF BIKES AND WHEELS and 20% off everything else*
  • Coaches and Club Officers receive 20% OFF EVERYTHING including bikes and wheels*
  • Club athletes receive 15% OFF EVERYTHING including bikes and wheels*

You will:

  • @Mention Playtri 4 times per year on any social media channels. We LOVE this!
  • List us on your website (if you have one) on your sponsors or affiliates page.
  • Share this great offer with your athletes/club members
*Some restrictions apply.