McKinney/Allen Youth Team Tryouts

If you’re new to the Team Playtri family - welcome! If you are a returning family - welcome back! Below you will find information on upcoming tryouts, as well as our Tryouts RSVP form. Please make sure to RSVP for any tryouts or “try-it-outs” your child will attend. Note that it is very important your child attend the session for the team he/she wishes to join.

Upcoming Session and Tryout Information

Upcoming Session: Off-Season 2019/2020 (November-January)

Upcoming Tryout Dates: September 30 - October 4, 2019

Programs Open for Tryout*: Elite/Devo Team, Silver Team, Gold 1 Team, Gold 2 Team (Click Here for program details)

Programs Open to “Try-it-out”: Club Team (Click Here for program details)

Handbook: Please view detail on individual programs on our McKinney/Allen teams Home Page for team skill/speed standards.

*Please note that our Elite and Development Team Programs are only open for tryouts in October of each year.

Off-Season 2019 Tryouts Schedule

Club Team

  • Coming Soon

Silver, Gold 1 & Gold 2 Teams

  • Coming Soon

Tryouts RSVP

All athletes MUST RSVP for their tryout or try-it-out session so coaches can have a correct roster going into tryouts. Please complete the online form below for each athlete attend a tryout or try-it-out:

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Athlete Name
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