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A four week intensive course for beginner to intermediate swimmers

If you are a new swimmer, or hoping to improve your efficiency in the water for the season, now is the time to adjust and refine your stroke! Join us for a four week "back-to-basics" review of the freestyle swim stroke where we will discuss and implement effective body position, proper kick and stroke mechanics, efficient breathing practices and more. At Playtri we have worked for almost two decades to develop a freestyle training approach that is specifically designed to make athletes successful in the open water.

*For the duration of the Swim Foundations Class, athletes may attend any coached open water swim sessions, if available.


Colony Aquatic Park Indoor Lap Pool
5580 N Colony Blvd
The Colony, TX 75056

Upcoming Session Dates and Times:

October 5th - 26th - Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 AM

Cost: $150

Registration: Please complete the program registration form below, then either visit or call Playtri Cycling in The Colony (972-306-2000) during business hours to complete payment.

Playtri Cycling Business Hours: M-F 11-7, Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5




I took Swim Foundations Class in January of this year and to say that it was the missing puzzle piece for me is an understatement. I was never on a swim team in school. I never knew correct technique. And when I did swim it felt like I was fighting the water just trying to get to the other side. I could swim, just not correctly. Swim Foundations gave me the HOW of swimming which is exactly what I needed; how to breathe, proper hand position, body rotation, you name it. And the best part was how it was presented each week which allowed me to truly focus on that one particular item. I've been training and competing a lot this year. Because of this class, I'm now a bilateral breather, getting better every week and was actually passing other athletes in the pool during my last race... something I never thought was even possible. If swimming is your weakness, Swim Foundations is the answer. It worked for me. -Will Lindsey

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